A Walk in the Park (members only)

We will be looking at the strategies/ techniques/ approach of Chris Voss.

Chris Voss is a former hostage negotiator and was the lead hostage negotiator for the FBI. There is a technique he uses to establish rapport with hostage takers and that is the technique we’re going to try out in our Walk in the Park.

You don’t have to be a hostage negotiator to benefit from this. We’ll use the technique on establishing rapport and connection that they used, but we’ll use it to get to know more about our fellow speakers.

Come and join us for a Walk in the Park. We will get to know more about each other and learn an interesting technique on how to connect with your customers or clients.

Followed by a member “Borrel”

A Walk in the Park (members only) 1

Event type
Members only

Beatrix park, Amsterdam: meetup at podium in middle of park (close to doggy play pen).

What is tactical empathy and how to use it?

Walk and talk workshop structure to practice techniques.

Learning Goals 
To practice tactical empathy and by doing so get to know our fellow speakers better

10:30 ontvangst en registratie/ arrival and registration
11:00 uitleg van verrichtingen/ Explanation of activities
11:30 “Schattenjacht start” / Treasure hunt starts
13:00 plenary reflection
13:30 lunch and drinks at café/delicatessen/broodjeszaak
15:00 Homeward bound

Looking forward to seeing everyone there. For the first time in a long time in person and safely in the open.
Before the winter starts lets get a shot of fresh air and see all our beloved fellow speakers and newly joined members in a relaxed atmosphere and get to know each other even better, whilst learning useful tools for everyday and business negotiations.