Hands-on Tuesday: Alex Owen-Hill

Uncover the unique voice of your speaking business that doesn’t just sound like everyone else

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Let’s be honest… standing out in our industry is difficult!  It feels like everywhere you turn, someone else speaks on your topic.  Someone else has more experience in your target industries.  Someone else has a bigger, more established following.

How can you make your business truly stand out?

How do you demonstrate your differences in a way nobody else can?

When you uncover the authentic Voice of Your Business you set your stake in the ground.  With this voice in place, it’s easier to identify the right clients.  It’s easier to create marketing content.  And it’s easier to develop keynotes.

Hands-on Tuesday: Alex Owen-Hill
Alex Owen-Hill

Takeaways for attendees:

In this workshop-style session you’ll learn:

  • The 2 core mistakes speakers make when talking about their business.
  • A 7-step framework to uncover the unique Voice of Your Business that feels authentic to you and actually works.
  • How to put this into action. During the session, you’ll make a start on this process with targeted exercises and super-concentrated micro-masterminds.

Alex Owen-Hill helps business owners uncover the unique Voice for Their Business, one that boosts their company’s authority without losing their authenticity.  Over the last 6 years, he has helped various companies to stand out in their markets, attracting the customers that they want to work with through voice-focused content strategy and speaker coaching.

He has a unique ability to uncover what makes a business stand out.  One of his clients said of him “Of all the marketing professionals we’ve worked with over our 25 years of business, Alex is the first one who really understands what we do differently.”

Date: 15 March 2022

Signup: secretary@psanl.com