Impact with relational presence

Discover how to really connect and be conversational with your audience.

How do you communicate with your audience? Are you mainly focused on the content or do you also connect with your audience while talking?
Relational Presence is the state of experiencing connection with your audience by making eye contact with individual members of the audience and holding it for longer than usual periods of time.
It is a foundation for powerful connected communication, where speaker and audience feel as if they are participating in a joint activity, rather than a disconnected experience of a speaker talking “at” an audience.
It helps deepen your presence and feeling of comfort on stage when you would normally feel under pressure or stressed.
In this interactive do-session you will experience yourself the power and magic of eye-contact with your audience. You will do exercises you never did before.
Open your eyes and move away from a “performance” mode of speaking into creating real connection with your audience.

Impact with relational presence

Christoph Van Doninck is a genuine communicator.
In twenty years of business experience in various international marketing and sales functions Christoph discovered that authentic communication and creating amazing face-to-face customer moments strongly contributes to success and job satisfaction.
Today, as an international speaker, he brings dynamic and inspiring keynotes on the themes “The art of face-to-face communication”, “The power of WOWness” and “Your crew, they make it or brake it”.
This way he inspires sales managers and commercial staff in finding their own authentic communication style and in creating a super-customer relationship.

He is a member of the Professional Speakers Association and is a licensed facilitator and board member of Relational Presence Europe.

Christoph Van Doninck
Customer relations expert

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