Internationaal: # Elevate2019

European Speakers Convention

Grow with your business!

Are you a debutante speaker ? Amateur ? Or occasional ?Have you just discovered the speakers universe and this experience pleased you ?Would you like to move up to a higher level ?

Unfortunately you do not really know how to go about it, where to start. And then even if this experience pleased you, you are wondering if it pleased your audience as much ?
Did you know that today some people have made a professional full-time speaker as their sole activity ?

You would like to:

  • Discover the profession of a professional speaker?
  • Structure your offer as a speaker?
  • Find yourself in the company of the tenors in this profession?
  • Meet other speakers and set up partnerships?
  • Train yourself to speak in public?
  • Keep abreast of the latest innovations in public speaking?
  • Discover what is needed to kickstart your business?
  • Meet up in the company of friendly open-minded people to progress in your speaking?
  • Get some professional feedback on your activity?
  • Get the advantage of having a mentor to develop your speaking to a higher level?

If so, why not come and participate in Elevate 2019!
During this two-day event, you will meet and exchange with professional conference speakers and also the other partners in this profession.
You will be able to attend some dynamic conferences on various subjects and find inspiration in their professional work.
You will also have the opportunity to exchange with all of the speakers and join the French professional speakers Association, the AFCP, an association to which all the best French-speaking speakers belong.

Are you a certified professional speaker and you already have this as your main or dominant activity?

Elevate 2019 is the unique occasion for you to come and exchange with your peers in the conference world.
Thanks to this event, you will discover the latest innovations in conference speaking and notably :
the best practices to market and sell your offer

  • those tips and advice to become really unforgettable on the scene
  • discover conference 2.0
  • initiate yourself for the future of speaking : the digital approach
  • discover how to enlarge your offer and structure your product range to develop your business around your main subject

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