PROF Meeting Future of Speaking

Katja, Cyriel, Graeme will surf with you on the pre -post-pandemic (not completely over yet, but seeing the light on the horizon clearly) speaking settings and how your business can profit from that. Bring troubling problems, bright ideas and courage. Prepare for an interactive sparkling session.
What we are going to do:

  • Short term FURURE: what the speaker world will look like between now and the end of 2022 And how your business goals should adapt to that
  • Check your BASICS: easy does it when times and circumstances are tough
  • What a great TAGLINE does for your business
  • Power of scoping QUESTIONS: how to keep the CLIENT in focus
  • How to (easily) ADJUST your best CONTENT to suit the changing environment
  • HYBRID: a third stage emerging

If you want to send in a case upfront that we should discuss, we’re happy to have it in our inboxes.
Any special requests will be taken into account, too.

For PROF Members only.