PSA Speakers Club Night – Business Negotiations

During the month of October, we will be focussing on negotiation: things that have to do with contracts and getting to an agreement with customers or clients. We will focus on negotiation as a process.

The process comes from the book Getting to Yes by Roger Fischer and William Ury. Roger Fisher was the initiator of the program on negotiation on Harvard Law. He wrote this book and started the initiative at Harvard because he wanted the people to stop fighting. His motivation behind this was basically that he lost a lot of friends in World War II. His idea was that as long as we talk, we don’t have to fight.

The program on negotiation at Harvard became the go-to-place to learn about negotiation. Some of the interesting people that have followed this program and have used some of these methods are Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama and the ANC in South Africa after the fall of apartheid.

We are looking at the same processes as they use and how that can help our speaking businesses.

Our host of the night will be Eksteen de Waal, who spent time with the authors of the book and can tell about the process like no other.

Eksteen de Waal - Business Negotiations


Eksteen De Waal (MBA) is an international speaker, writer, author, thinker and leadership consultant.

With over 30 years’ professional experience, Eksteen has deep passion for team development and a belief that compassion is at the heart of all truly successful organisations.

He founded Exponentially Me, an organisation that focuses on corporate wellness though building resilience and empowering individuals to be their true selves in any corporate environment. These programs help people to connect and discover the heart of the organisation that fans the flames of true engagement.

He is a firm believer that performance follows passion. When people do what makes them come alive, they deliver their best work. His talks are delivered with a sense of compassion, inspiring people to bring their authentic selves to any situation they face. Through his own contrasting life experiences, Eksteen has embraced his uniqueness to live an exponentially joyful and flourishing life!

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