Speech Analysis with Tom Sligting and Alan Stevens

Alan Stevens will lead our monthly reflection session where this time we will analyse Tom Sligting’s keynote.


Our very own Tom Sligting is taking a dive into the serious side. His new keynote is very “serious” for a stand-up comedian. You know Tom, he is willing to be vulnerable and open to feedback. So let’s help him learn more about different perspectives on his keynote. Come join us as Alan stevens ( world-renowned media coach) walks us through Tom’s speech.


Bio Alan:

Alan is a reputation expert who was Past President of the Global Speakers Federation and is the director of MediaCoach. He is also an author and journalist, and both a TV presenter and expert interviewee. He has been speaking remotely since 1998, and created a Facebook group for fellow professionals who wish to speak remotely. It’s called, unsurprisingly, Remote Speaking.

His clients include politicians, TV presenters and sports stars as well as companies including Virgin, Google, The Beverly Hills Hotel, BMW and Mumm Champagne. The Independent newspaper listed him as “one of the top 10 media experts in the UK”.

Alan Steven
Alan Stevens

Bio Tom:

You can never speak about Tom Sligting without mentioning words like memorable, energetic, humorous, and insightful. Tom Sligting, one of the first comedians in the Netherlands, has been a Comedian and Keynote Speaker since 1994.

Here’s the short on Tom’s keynote:

What if you can measure your Adaptability, providing insights and tools to help individuals, teams, and organizations adapt quickly to our everchanging world of work. With lots of humor, this energetic speech gives you all the insights and content you need to know to take the next step.

Why a speech about Adaptability? Because that it is one of the most important soft skills we need today. Would you like to know what the Adaptability Quotient of your staff is?

Tom will explain how you can find out and make it an unforgettable event, so your delegates will be curious and energized.

Tom Sligting
Tom Sligting