Anna Iosko

Do you lead an international company that is in transition? Or do you lead a team which is very diverse?

Are you dealing with increasingly complex issues and have difficulty to get your message across, knowing there will be resistance?

Do you face challenges maintaining an open attitude towards each other and accept current developments without judgment?

Are you experiencing misunderstandings regularly resulting in disappointment and stress?

Does it influence your own performance and that of your team?

And does it come in high cost, both mentally and financially?

In my keynote I speak about the ways to bring harmony in communicating.

To me, art, and classical music in particular, is an infinite source of wisdom. I believe that there are amazing parallels to be traced between classical music and communicating as a leader. Moreover, art can be seen as the way of bringing a uniquely aesthetic quality to business processes.

For business processes in general, real art with its sustainable systems, built on the rules of golden proportion, can be an immense resource of elegant solutions that are in congruence with nature and the living world around us.



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