Dr Beatrice Lukose

As an enthusiastic lady from the slopes of Mount Kenya, now living in the Netherlands, Dr. Beatrice Lukose ascended the ladder of success from a small village to rise as a top student, entrepreneur, diplomat, employee, wife and mother or two young adults. She has worked for 15 years with the United Nations, she is an inspirational speaker, author, success and wisdom coach with a passion to inspire people to Love, Think and Work like Champions. Using the ‘Get Set Go – Make it Happen’ mantra that she has developed and used for many years, she brings a lot of wisdom that inspires people to be confident in every area of ​​their life.

Inspired by her love for music and stories she has designed 6 Strings of Success that are well crafted to help people gain success in all areas of life. Inspiring them to attain a great achievers mindset. She holds a Doctorate in Business Administration with a focus on Emotional Intelligence.

She co-founded JBIM at the age of 25 years in Uganda and successfully led a
team that completed government digitization projects in 6 countries attracting attention from the international community like the United Nations which opened doors for the family to come to live and work in Europe .

As the founder and CEO of Motivat School of Business and Life, and iMotivat Solutions, Dr. ir. Beatrice draws on a wealth of skills from business, United Nations and from her research on Emotional Intelligence which she uses to teach in all areas of life and business.

Dr. Beatrice is authentic, practical, funny, and humble. She brings insights from the highs and lows of business and life in a way that is engaging for individuals.

Today, she is on a mission to inspire millions of people to Love, Think and Work like champions. To create great achievers mindset using the stories she has learned.

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My contacts:
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E-mail: beatrice.lukose@gmail.com, beatrice.lukose@motivatschool.com
Address: Elzendreef 605, 2272CV, Voorburg, Netherlands.
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