Frank Garten

I am a Netherlands-based consultant, fascinated by ‘Clarity in Conversations’: I help professionals to improve the quality of their conversations. I deliver keynotes and workshops on this topic. When conversations at work improve, companies will take full advantage of diverse teams and improve their innovation process.

I have specialized over the years in cross-cultural communication, and through this help companies deliver on their diversity & inclusion promises.

Obtaining my PhD in Physics and Chemistry in 1996 taught me that any problem – technical or human – can be solved, with the right mindset and attitude. I started working for Philips. My career developed from technical functions into international commercial roles, to general management with responsibility for a 57m Eur revenue division. After a short sidestep into Human Resources Management, I started my own consultancy and work independent ever since.

Through my work in global multinationals, I learned things that I would do much better if I were to do it again. These insights form the basis of my work today. The most impactful leaders I have seen are the ones who were able to bring clarity in conversations. These days I train leaders in this skill.

I help professionals to have meaningful dialogues. Part of this is to help them communicate stronger and with more clarity. But also deep listening skills and establishing trustful relationships are critical for meaningful dialogue. Just like I built up my career on a strong start in science, I like to base my work today on solid insights and well-proven methods. I understand, simplify and define practical solutions. I am able to rapidly build up trust in groups, to encourage all to contribute and speak about meaningful things. I challenge and confront, with an empathetic smile and a results-oriented mindset.

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