Hans de Graaf

I help leaders and managers to tweak their decision making processes to avoid costly errors.

My expertize is on how the human brain comes to a decision. More particularly: how (unconscious) brain biases influence your decision-making. They fuel your auto-pilot. It turns out that your auto-pilot is very useful in daily life. But, be aware, not always!

Whatever you decision-making problem: I can help you!. By speaking at your conference, by organizing workshops or by personally support you as a mentor or ‘devil’s advocate’.



How to tackle your toughest decisions
What do business strategies, job choices, life and death choices have in common and what makes those decisions so hard to make? The costs of getting it wrong can be huge! To maximize your chances on a good outcome of your decisions it is important that you have a sound decision-making process in place for situations like these. In this keynote, you will learn a 3-step process to tackle every difficult life and business decision.

How SMART Teams can make D.U.M.B. decisions
How to fight groupthink and other team biases? By making Decisive, Unbiased, Moral, and Brainful Decisions. This keynote is particularly useful for people who think they are very rational (e.g. software developers, accountants etc)!

What Leaders can learn from Succesful Dieters
Loosing weight is hard. And keeping the weight off is even harder. What do successful dieters different and what can you learn from them when it comes to your decision-making in business? In this keynote, you will not only get tips to successfully lose some weight, but you will also go home with strategies to fight the most common unconscious biases in your decision-making.


Promo-video: https://youtu.be/fd2_Bg0HeIs

10-minute segment from ‘How to tackle your toughest decisions’: https://youtu.be/SZs20ZJxG1g




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