Jan van der Spoel

 Explaining the human brain and behaviour

Helping entrepreneurs improving their business by tapping into the
sub conscious desires of their customers.

Jan has worked as a Designer/Creative director for over 25 years, mainly in the world of corporate communications. Here he discovered that design and communication is often limited to applying new coloured band aids on old problems.

The world of communications is hugely changed. Internet and social media had a nuclear effect on every aspect of the business. Still most of corporate leadership think of design and communication as a quick fix you apply on a problem and the problem goes away.
Modern times require a completely different approach of corporate communications. The customer is constantly bombarded with information, but what works and what doesn’t?

In a world where everything is constantly changing there is one thing that stays the same: human traits and behaviour. This is why Jan shifted from the visual-concept side of the business to the human side of it. “people say what they think, but do what they feel. What does your customer feel about your company?”

Jan founded the Persona Academy in 2015 and developed an in-depth method to truly understand who the customer is, what he thinks and what he feels. The method provides breakthrough insights for every process in the business.
Core activities are key-note speaking, workshops, master-classes and in-company consultancy.

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