10X Speaker – Chris Baldwin (EN)

10X Speaker Event generally does not need introduction among speakers. Chris Baldwin has delivered 100’s of keynotes at Microsoft, Google, Facebook and many others, and made it his business to learn other speakers live from the power and value of their stories. This one-day event – in combination with an online course with the 10X principles – enables you to develop the courage, mindset and skill to grow your influence, career and business through powerful speaking. The next step in capturing your audience!

You leave this one-day training with insights in how to use stories and use them to create influence, to break the ice with your audience, to overcome fear and nervousness and how to use speaking to promote your business, products or services. A day full of practical insights.

PSA University is proud to host the 10X Speaker Event as one of its flagship programs. Your 24% reduction as a PSA member brings you at EUR149 for this full-day event, all included. On top, this covers the 10-lesson online course. But most of all, a full day of stage time and exercises to learn at 10X speed!

Next event: November 27 and December 18 in Leiden