The International Speaker – What speakers should know about other cultures – Frank Garten (EN, NL)

Any audience these days is a multicultural audience. And it’s likely that you as a speaker make agreements with clients in other cultures. Cultural differences can have a profound impact on how your talk is perceived, how your stage performance is organized and how interactive you can expect your audience to be.

This half-day program covers in the shortest possible timeframe the essentials of different cultures. What should you know when inviting a random participant to comment? How strict to be with your timing? Giving credit to previous speakers or making a strong individual performance? Which forms of humor are acceptable and which ones certainly not? Direct and blunt, or gentle and diplomatic in your statements? A half-day program – face-to-face or online – with focus on practical tips and with room for continuous interaction. The trainer’s international expertise will be transferred to your real-life challenges.

Become an effective cross-cultural speaker with an investment of just 4 hours. PSA University hosts this unique program for EUR500. This fee includes a free coaching session with the trainer, the book ‘Managing Through a Mirror’ by Frank Garten and unlimited access to free one-to-one online 15-min consultation sessions. Register by sending a mail to